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Some details can't hurt!
safe-browsing This website does not collect "any" data whatsoever. Try going offline and it works. If you are tech savvy, check your browser's developer console.
one-free It is completely free too. It does not show advertisements and will not do so in the future. You can still help me stay motivated by donating via Paypal.
private You can encrypt your card with a key that you would share only with your confidants!
running We take no responsibility for usernames or links that you claim are yours and we don't do any verification.

Fill in your Social Card

All are optional except "alias" - Drag the Social Media site links into the order you want and this will be reflected on your card.

Additional links

Real time follow mode

The real time follow mode is very interesting. You can generate your card instantly and while keeping your page open, go ahead and share it with the world, then come back to this same page and see how many people are checking your card :)

[For devs] we are still running in theory only with a signaling server (Bittorrent)

Custom QR colors ?

You can pick colors of the QR code as you please according to your brand or taste.

You can press the button multiple times to play with colors.

(*): required
(⌥): optional

Here's where you get your QR code and link.

Just share it with your friends! On phones, you can long press on it then share.

Or share the generated link

Help spread "" in your circles 🙂
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